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Harrys Bike Night

Harry’s Diner Bike Night

Yesterday Graham went along to the Harry’s Diner bike night in Brisbane, Harry’s Diner is very well known for its gatherings on the first Wednesday of every month, with all types of people and riders attending.

We arrived about 5.15pm having never seen Harry’s before, and was surprised to see this little cafe in a complex full of businesses, which was much different to the mental image to what i had from everything i heard, but i was very surprised in the organization, the quality of food, good coffee, and happy staff.

Harrys Bike Night 2

Harrys Bike Night 3

With vendors setting up such as Victory Motorcycles, and Hog Lights Australia and the sun starting to go down, bikes rolling in the scene started to show all the diversity and styles of bikes and people that attend events like this, with everything from drooling over some restored old Ducati ‘s, a Ural with side car, to some of the latest bikes on the market.

Harrys Bike Night 4

But the real highlight for was meeting Parkie, a very nice man heading up #ridesafely4me, helping people understand road safety, and the trauma involved with, and helping people come home in one piece, please check out Parkies Facebook page:, we are supplying his first run of business cards at no cost, if you can help him in some way please get in touch with him.

Harrys Bike Night 5

There would have been over 300 bikes and people cruising around, and it was a fantastic experience, i will be back next month for sure, if you get a chance to go along, it is great fun!

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