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Rainy Day Thoughts

Rainy Day Thoughts

Sitting here listening to the rain fall (and suffering the disappointment of the bike staying in the shed on Easter Sunday) I thought i would share some of the thoughts and dreams for Australian Moto Gear & Clothing.

Our dream is to one day be the premier supplier of branded merchandise to Motorcycle & Car Groups around Australia, and with that build in the Ability for us to be a part of the groups, make the friends and relationships along the way.

When we get a group setup and running, we are going to do an interview with the Groups Admins and post a story about said group of people and what they are about, we not only want to do business, but we want to help all the groups grow, and help people find them.

We have two groups on board at the moment, We Ride Australia (A large Australia Wide riding group of all types of people and bikes), & AuStrom (Aussie V-Strom Riders) (A growing group of Suzuki V-Strom Riders).

The member response from both buying their group specific merchandise has been fantastic for our first week of trading, all orders have been filled and posted, the take up of our riding socks has been a surprise (dint expect to sell quite so many), but we are hoping that everyone’s feet are that bit more comfortable!

We have been asked what sort of gear we are going to stock on top of group member merchandise, We have been asked for all sorts of bits and pieces in our first week!

First and foremost we want to be able to supply the simple items that no matter the style of bike you can use. We are adding Side stand pads & tyre repair kits (just waiting for them to land from our supplier), We will add products over time, and we love suggestions so don’t hesitate to send us an email or a Facebook message with your thoughts.

We have been asked for riding gear, that is down the track a little, we need to get everything bedded in and working properly first, if we rush into all this, we will make a mistake and let our customers down (and we don’t want that!).

For everyone who has shopped with us this week, Thank You, really appreciated the support!

We hope everyone has had a safe Easter, that you got to go for a ride or a drive to clear the mind, we are hoping to get out for a blast tomorrow if we are lucky.

Thanks for Reading!


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