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Darling Downs Riders

Thursday Trip

One of my plans with Australian Moto Gear & Clothing is to showcase the places we visit, the roads we ride and the people we see, below is my crack at it.
Being a public holiday here in Toowoomba, I got up at 5.30am with a few little plans, firstly drop in on my local riding group DARLING DOWNS RIDERS who were setting off on one of their riding challenge days the DDR1000 which is a 1000km riding day for people who want to test themselves a little.

After waving the crew goodbye, it was fuel and heading off down the range to Esk to meet up with a great mate of mine Poul (Growly), snapped a shot on the Toowoomba Range which summed up how nice a day it was.

Darling Downs Riders Group

Its funny in S.E Queensland and riding at this time of year, you can go from sunshine into fog in 20 minutes, and 20 minutes you’re in the clear again! While the riding was uneventful, it is certainly amazing how helmet time clears the brain….

Thursday Sunrise
Landed in Esk at a really nice little cafe called ENIGMAS CAFE that has new owners, and are very friendly to the motorcycling world, the coffee was fantastic, and the bacon and eggs not far behind!

Enigmas Cafe Esk

There is a little joke with this next photo, Poul (Growly), and Dave (Diesel) have just spent 10 days riding around Queensland posting up all these pictures of silhouettes and asking there world where i was….it was nice to get one back as Dave went home and was safely tucked up in bed! So yes, has anyone seen Diesel??

Graham and Poul

Next was off to ride one of the great stretches of road in S.E Queensland, ESK-HAMPTON ROAD, 45km of wonderful road that i would do every day if I could, if you get the chance go and do it, you won’t regret it, it can be a little rough in places, but that is how most of these great riding roads are going now…..

Ride Map 070416

The Views are rather awesome as well!

Graham Strom

I even got to test out one of the new SIDE STAND PAD‘s we have in stock now, and it worked a treat!


Dropped Poul off at the servo, waved goodbye, and I was home by 10am, with a full belly, 170km riding under the belt, as usual the V-Strom ran like a dream, so all in all I am happy!

Cheers & Thanks for reading!

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